"Give me an army saying the Rosary and I will conquer the world."
— Blessed Pius IX


The Memory Rosary was designed by one of the St. Thomas Aquinas Seminary professors for people on the go. It provides a way to pray more often and to pray better. Many who have tried the rosary have remarked about how easy it has become to say an entire 15-decade rosary every day — a feat they once thought impossible: "You say one on the way to work. Then you notice that it is set to the second set of mysteries on the way home, so you think to yourself, 'I might as well go ahead and say another set!' Then the family rosary time comes around and you have said your third set of mysteries." Others have remarked about how the rosary helps them to stay recollected throughout the day. If your rosary is always an arms-length away, and it only takes a few seconds to click another bead into place, imagine how many times in the day you can unite yourself again to God!

The inspiration for the design of the rosary comes from army ranger "Pace Beads", which were used in the military to keep track of distances traveled while marching. The Memory Rosary mimics the usefulness of these secular beads by always holding your place while you are praying, and by giving you the satisfying 'click' every time you complete a prayer.

Some History...

The Memory Rosary goes by another name: the M1 Rosary. Historically the M1 referred to different kinds of military weaponry: a soldier's helmet or rifle, or even a type of tank. In Scripture we read that "Life on earth is a warfare" (Book of Job), and we know from history that the rosary has proved to be a powerful weapon for protecting Catholics and combating heresy. The name "M1 Rosary" was adopted with all of this symbolism in mind. The appellation "M1" can also stand for "Mary, 1st among the saints" or the "Memory One" rosary.

We have spent two years in the research and development of the M1 Rosary. Various materials were tested "in the field" before settling on the final version which you can purchase today. We are confident that we have found the most durable, lightweight, and compact materials to make the M1 a success.